Chris Neill

for Georgia House District 34


More choices. More voices.

How many times have you had to hold your nose and vote for the less corrupt candidate? Or worse, only had a single candidate on the ballot which happened in more than half of Georgia House elections in 2020? The two party system is dividing us and denying most of us true representation in our government. So many issues to be considered under the Gold Dome, yet only two lenses to view legislation?

Americans have long been able to choose between The Home Depot and Lowe’s. Or Ace Hardware.

At the store you have choice between Coke or Pepsi. And Dr. Pepper.

Americans do not settle for only two choices in any market so why should your ballot only have two viewpoints represented?

This election you have an additional choice. Chris Neill, Libertarian candidate for GA State House District 34.

Will you choose more of the same or will you choose liberty and freedom?

Guiding Principles

More freedom, less government. I support the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Georgia and the limitations that they impose upon our governments.


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Ballot Access

Voter suppression in Georgia is real and both Republicans and Democrats have a hand in silencing voices that are not their own. The barriers that independent and third party candidates face for ballot access are extremely difficult to overcome and that is entirely by design to protect the Republican and Democrat duopoly from competition. A free election requires  a free marketplace of ideas and our voters are intelligent enough to decide from more than two options that provide only an illusion of choice. You probably wouldn’t shop at a convenience store that only sold two flavors of soda so why would you settle for a ballot that most often only offers up two duds that don’t align well enough with your views? And more than 40% of the races in Georgia only had one name on the ballot in 2020. This is unacceptable. We must make ballot access restrictions much less cumbersome. More choices, more voices.

Free and Sound Elections

Georgia’s new voting law (SB202) does more harm than good for Georgia voters and threatens to undermine local authority in the elections process and will cost taxpayers millions in legal battles. I side with the Libertarian Party of Georgia demanding verifiable, hand-marked ballots and ranked choice voting. Hand-marked ballots are more secure and eliminate the “black box” bar codes that are only interpretable by a computer that must be connected to the internet. In addition ranked choice voting will save Georgia millions of dollars from our expensive runoff elections, should provide faster election results, can allow multiple candidates from the same party, and completely avoid the pitfalls of the so-called “jungle election” scenario of special elections like this one. Millions more could be saved by requiring that Democrats and Republicans eliminate their expensive voter straw-polls that they call primaries by having them choose their own candidates at their respective state conventions.

I support the expansion of access to voting and will fight against all restrictions against our citizens’ ability to exercise their right to vote.


Competition breeds innovation. Public schools do not compete for students. Rather students are often trapped in a school based on little more than geography. School choice exists for the wealthy because they simply move to a better district or send their kid to a private option comfortably. I support school choice for ALL parents and students and would work to help create incentives for schools to create unique programs to attract, engage, and prepare students in the 21st century.

As an educator in a STEM magnet school I witnessed the improvements in student curriculum at other schools created through school choice. Students would endure hour-plus long bus rides in both directions to take advantage of the new opportunities that we provided. A teacher from another school told me that we were stealing their best students with our STEM program and I countered with the accusation that they weren’t trying to do anything to keep them at their school. The next year their school was offering an honors program in math and science. We were the first school in Cobb County to offer a competitive robotics team and within a few years there were a half dozen programs scattered around the county. Innovation in public education can happen but not without the motivation provided by competition.

Natural Rights

Every human is endowed with inalienable, natural rights including the right to provide for themselves and their families. For too long Georgians have accepted a tax on their labor and I would move to abolish the state income tax as many other states have accomplished, including our neighbors Tennessee and Florida. No longer will our employers act as tax collectors for the state. You can make better decisions than the government about where your money belongs.

Americans should not need to ask for permission to protect themselves, their family, and their property. Further, many restrictions to gun ownership disproportionately impact minority and other marginalized groups including veterans. I am committed to the preservation of your right to self-defense and gun ownership and I support constitutional carry.



Cobb County Courier
(17 May 2021)

Education, Environment, Voting Bill, Abortion, Gun Control, Transportation, Police Reform, Healthcare, Ballot Access

About Chris Neill

Chris Neill was born in Atlanta and raised mostly in Clayton County, Georgia with a short stint during the elementary years in Brunswick and St. Simons Island. After graduating from Lovejoy High School he completed undergraduate studies at Georgia Tech in polymer chemistry and continued a graduate program at Georgia State University in secondary science education.

After college Chris continued his northward migration through Atlanta and settled in Cobb County working for the Cobb County School District for eight years. During that time he helped develop courses and curriculum for the renowned STEM magnet program at Wheeler High School and was a coach for their world class robotics team. Chris was then offered an opportunity to train fellow educators for a hands-on science curriculum company called CPO Science which he did until settling into a role as a stay-at-home parent upon the arrival of his daughter in 2014. In 2020 Chris went back to work on a contract project developing a high school engineering curriculum for Fulton County Schools at Georgia Tech.

Chris and his wife Stephanie Davis Neill have been married for nineteen years and have one daughter, Alice, and a dog named Peanut. They believe in supporting local charity and dedicate effort to organizations including Atlanta Ronald McDonald House and The Giving Kitchen. In his spare time Chris enjoys doing science experiments and building Lego with Alice, making Star Wars robots for educational outreach, and racing old junky cars.

Mission & Values

Chris is passionate about and dedicated to the principles of ballot access, free and sound elections, lower taxes, free markets, fiscal responsibility, sound currency, reduced regulation, property rights, protecting civil liberties, protecting gun rights, local control of government, and upholding the constitution.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Election Day is Tuesday, June 15! 


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